$1000 Reward

Channel 3 Covered Our Story! Click here to watch our video

Information leading to the arrest of the thief who stole a men’s Seiko watch (Model #SPC007; value $725) out of the display case on 11/01/07 @ 11:03 a.m. will earn you $1000 cash. You can remain anonymous.

You can also leave information by using the Contact Us form on this website.

You can also stop in the store and give Bob your information.

The thief was caught in the act on the store video. Please see images below taken directly from the store video.

The thief also left fingerprints on the display case and a small humidor. These prints have been lifted by Mesa PD and are being processed.

The thief stands approximately 5’7″ tall and weighs around 180 – 200 lbs. He’s caucasian and has a medium build.

Update: Thief was so stupid he came back to the store two days later on 11/03 at 2:24 pm; this time with a friend. His friend distracted an employee and while she was showing him a lighter the original thief opened the case and took another watch. Another employee chased him out of the store and watched him get into a faded white 1976, 1977 or 1978 short box, full size old Chevy/GMC work van; AZ license plate # 329-NFD.

See this second crime unfold with both thieves caught on the store video cameras.

$1000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individual whose face you can see in these black & white pictures taken from the store video.


In the video we have of the thief it shows that he touched several items in the store including the display case and this small humidor. This is Mesa PD lifting the fingerprints off several of those items. Mesa PD did get good prints and if you’re the thief we strongly suggest you turn yourself into Mesa PD. If you’re a friend of the thief we strongly suggest you get him to turn himself into Mesa PD. The owners of Big Sticks will be a lot more lenient if he turns himself in than if someone else turns him in.

The video will be up soon. We’re working on digitizing a customer’s face in the video. It will be posted on YouTube as soon as it’s ready.